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Principal - George Bossarte - Interactive Electronic Engineer
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George Bossarte is an Interactive Electronic Engineer with extensive experience in circuit design, both Analog and Digital, and embedding micro-controllers. He has an understanding of good, solid, and cost effective solutions. Specializing in PIC low cost processors, but has experience with the larger micros. He can take low tech descriptions and create technical specs and products. Works well with other team members.

George is able to do Project Management, Product Design, Manufacturing liaison, Bread boarding, Embedded micro design, George BossartePrototyping, Hardware, Printed Circuit board design, Firmware, Packaging, Digital circuit design, Analog circuit design, Discrete circuit design, Power control, Proof of concept.

For Industrial Fire Alarms he designed audio circuits for Advance Voice Generator (AVG) board, accelerating design time. Wrote assembly routines for ADPCM coding/decoding and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) based echo cancelling code for AVG. Developed class D audio amplifiers of 100 watts, providing more power at lower cost.

Designed patented micro-based precision timing module for pyrotechnics, first available, and 100 times more accurate than chemical fuses, causing shift in the industry. Visit www.MagicFire.com

Created micro-based touch switches, IR transmitters, button detect, LED drivers, and controls for industrial display products, developing custom products fitting customers needs. Designed system to "chase" or "wipe" long lines of LEDs, installing in different maps, showing flyways of birds, 400 to 700 LEDs per map. Visit www.WBInc.com

George designed a stepper motor controller to drive larger motors used in new Laser Display product, meeting delivery deadline

George programs in "C" and multiple assembly languages.